Air Conditioners for Conservatories and Sunrooms

Conservatory Air Conditioning Units

Contained conservatory air conditioning allows our customers to enjoy year round comfort at a very affordable price. Conservatories and sunrooms can often be uncomfortably hot during the summer and too cold in winter. Conservatory air conditioning units offer the perfect solution.

Air conditioning units gives Desmond Conservatory customers the luxury of complete climate control with slim line styles that blend perfectly in any sunroom or conservatory.

Air Conditioning Units are Easy to Install

With our air conditioning units, there is no need to dig up conservatory floors to have pipes or other drainage installed.. The units can be simply set it into the wall and connected to an electrical supply and that's it!

Air Conditioner fo Conservatories


Remote air conditioners for conservatories

Remote Controlled Air Conditioning Unit

Some air conditioning units come complete with their own infra red remote control for ease of operation from the comfort of your chair. Other units also have a timed operation facility allowing customers to program the units to switch on or off at the time of their choice. .

Affordable Cost of Running an Air Conditioning Unit

Desmond Conservatory customers soon discover the cost of running their newly installed air conditioning units is very reasonable. The actual cost of running a unit is approximately 20c per hour which, in today's economy is very good.

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